Paradise Island
"And in one moment, everything changed.”
The people of Asteria are typical small town folks. Secretive, selfish, and overly friendly to gain favors. There's only on difference, every Asteria born child has an unusual, original birthmark of which one other shares.
Same shape. Same spot. Same mark.
The Fates have stepped in and no one is safe.
Since 2012 |
RP Time: 2014, EST time.

Meet Sunny Hollis, she looks amazingly like Krysten Ritter. She is 25 years old. At the moment, she is [ Single / In A Relationship ]. Her birthmark is [ Grounded , Located On Left Shoulder ] which is the exact same as [ Felix Hawthorne ]. She is Currently OPEN.

→ Without the past, we’d be nothing…

If one asked her how they looked, she would tell them the truth. If they did not approve of the honest answer, no one but the one asking would be to blame for wanting to know. Sunny Hollis does not lie, actually, she prides herself on the truth. Well except for one thing, who she truly is. Sunny was born Oakley Sunny Vorshevsky, and she has been in the witness protection program for a bit over a year. The quirky and playfully overdramatic girl was born in Asteria, but adopted from the local orphanage only a few weeks later. Her adoptive father turned out to be a Russian Mob patron who turned FBI associate. Her mother was killed on her way to testify at the trial for a Lower Boss and Mister Vorshevsky and Oakley were immediately sent into the WPP, the government trying to protect their best assets to take down the quickly growing organized crime in the North Eastern states. Her father was sent to an undisclosed location to her as the same agency placed her back in her birthplace, sealing off all of her records and filing up new ones for the girl’s new identity.

The fact that her adoptive family was stringed high up in the mafia circuit was never kept a secret from Oakley. Of course, no one ever told her the exact trades that went around and what would happen if people did not pay up, but she had a fairly vivid imagination. Being homeschooled with her cousins was not an option, but mandatory as the children were part of the Big Family from the start, no outside socialization until they could be trusted. This led to her chatting up the constant line-up of bodyguards at every corner, causing the muscles to adore the lively girl.  She lived a carefree life for the most part, at least until the Italian mob kidnapped her along with eight of her peers. The ordeal was an intense and terrifying one as they were all chained up in a dingy room with their eyes closed, the screams of those who would not talk ringing though the walls. The muscles came through however, and they were released safety. That was the last string for her father, having his daughter in danger was the one thing he would not stand for, and that was when he turned on his own people.

Living on the small island of Asteria is like having her very own piece of heaven, the small community feels more like home than her home ever did and she has settled in quite nicely. Sometimes she wonders who she would have been if her biological mother had never given her up, she would most positively not be in the situation she is now. Sunny’s cover includes her working as the town florist, it is a dainty job she rather enjoys and being the one to bring a smile to someone’s face upon a delivery was always a plus. There is a certain customer who has been coming in more frequently than not lately, a shy man with jet black hair and the most polite of words.

→ No one’s alone…

× Valerie Santiago→ The two entrepreneurs have found solace in their mutual strive to better their business, causing the girls who have shops right by each other to talk daily and become good friends. Sunny doesn’t mind Val’s overbearing speech, and she likes Sunny’s way of making things seem funnier than they should be. 

× Owen Hennekins → The spunky girl who’s taking hold of his heart, he finds her endearing and she likes his noble ways. It is only a matter of time before the friction between the two pulls them together.