Paradise Island
"And in one moment, everything changed.”
The people of Asteria are typical small town folks. Secretive, selfish, and overly friendly to gain favors. There's only on difference, every Asteria born child has an unusual, original birthmark of which one other shares.
Same shape. Same spot. Same mark.
The Fates have stepped in and no one is safe.
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RP Time: 2014, EST time.
Anonymous whispered:

How would one apply for the employer job at Beach Bums?

Just send the main a message and we’ll write them in if they fit!

Olivia Blackwell

Olivia Blackwell

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Anonymous whispered:

It's Jules I'll be back later this week

Thanks for letting us know!

Anonymous whispered:

what are you doing about co-mods?

If you’re interested, ask off anon and I’ll get back to you!

Admin Sadie


Welcome to Asteria, Maxon! We’re glad to a have you join our rp family. Make Olivia’s account and send it in asap!

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Anonymous whispered:

hi hi, um I was wondering if the characters had a specific place in Asteria where they lived in? Like if for example I applied for Johnny and the bio doesn't say where he lives do I chose where he lives or do you guys give it to us?

We have a set place for them! It can be found here.

School is officially out and it’s a short 2 1/2 months of summer break, so enjoy it, Asteria. The weather is beautiful and the water is warm, the perfect time to cross some items off your bucket list! Expect park concerts, art walks, fireworks, and everything in between to make Summer 2014 one for the books. Have a great break!

Here are some activities that will be turned into events.

  • The Annual Asteria Carnival
  • Youth Camping Trip
  • 4th of July Celebration
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Hazel Carlton

Hazel Carlton

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Congratulations Jasmine, you have been accepted for the role of Hazel Carlton! Please make her account and send it in asap!

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To those that messaged me for co-admin apps, I’ll message you asap!